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Houston Astros World Series Champions 2017

“The Houston Astros started from the bottom, and now they’re World Series champions”

55 years in the making, the Houston Astros finally brought home their first World Series Championship win to the great city of Houston!

2017 has been a grueling year for Houston and this championship could not have come at a better time or to a more deserving team. Houston is home to many of our Global Edge employees and we are incredibly proud of the city of Houston, its’ people, and of course their Championship team- the Houston Astros. We are looking forward many more winning seasons of baseball here in Houston. Until then-GO STROS!

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Hurricane Harvey: What’s happening now and how we can help

HURRICANE HARVEY: what’s happening now and how can we help

The devastation Hurricane Harvey has left behind is terrible. It is definitely the worst natural disaster in Texas history and people are still suffering from its aftermath.

Hurricane Harvey entered Texas on August 27th and when it finally left, nothing was as before. Officials said that they believe at least 82 people died as a result of the intense flooding, although it could take weeks to determine the exact death toll. Harvey caused many damages in both Texas and Louisiana; Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has estimated that the cost for recovery will exceed $180 billion, which would make Harvey one of the most expensive natural disasters in the history of the United States.

Our offices at Global Edge were closed during the week the hurricane hit, and even though our headquarters were not affected, we shut down our offices while the hurricane ran its course as the safety of our employees was our number one priority. While we were lucky enough to not experience any damages many of our clients and contractors were not as fortunate. Our CEO, Kathy Eberwein, has always supported philanthropic efforts within the local communities as it is a core value at The Global Edge. Staying true to those values, she shut down headquarters for several days post-Harvey so employees could go out and volunteer within their local communities.

At the moment, over 60,000 Texans are still displaced, living in shelters or hotel rooms paid for by FEMA. There are more than 311,000 people affected who have formally requested economic aid from the government. These people need our help. They still don’t know what’s going to happen and how long it will take before their homes are safe again. According to a Washington Post analysis on data released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), only 17 percent of homeowners most directly affected by Harvey had flood insurance policies.

The devastating hurricane has also affected automobiles; as more than half a million cars were damaged by water. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said that the recovery will be a “marathon, not a career” that will last for years and will consume a lot of time and money. Zinke said: “I’d say we’re probably at a 20 percent.”

If you are interested in helping here is a list of ways you can contribute to support people within the community:


The best way to help is to donate money and contribute to organizations and charitable agencies that will ensure that people affected by the storm get the resources they need.

“Right now, the best thing people can do is donate money,” said Katrina Farmer, Director of The American Red Cross offices in San Angelo.

Some of these organizations may include: The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Catholic Charities USA, Global Giving, Save the Children and United Way of Greater Houston, among many other institutions that are offering their support.

Make sure your donation is secure by going through the organization’s official website or sending a check through the mail. Charity Navigator says you should never donate over the phone, email or unknown social media pages, as these are the places scammers usually target.


Most of these organizations and shelters will need a lot of helping hands to distribute goods to people and helping with the recovery. Many volunteers will be needed in coming days, weeks and possibly months, so you can sign up as a volunteer to assist those affected by the hurricane, getting involved to help with the relief efforts. You can sign up on and fill the registration if you are interested in these volunteering opportunities.

Also, the American Red Cross announced that they would be training volunteers at their shelters through a “fast-track” course.

Donate Blood

According to the AABB, Hurricane Harvey and its associated flooding are impacting the nation’s blood supply. The AABB is urging eligible donors across America, especially those with type O-positive blood, to make and attend donation appointments as soon as possible. If you are type O blood, then you are critically important at this moment and you should schedule a blood donation appointment as soon as possible. Type O blood is the only blood type that can be safely transfused to most patients with other blood types and is frequently used in emergency situations.

If you wish to donate blood you can contact your local community’s Red Cross, or check for blood banks within your area.

Keep on Giving 

Recovering from disasters such as hurricane Harvey takes time. It’s essential to realize that disaster relief and recovery efforts aren’t just a thing of the first few days after the storm has hit. Help can be required for months or even years. if you feel compelled to help others in the wake of these natural disasters, do your best to train yourself to help rebuild these affected communities.





The Global Edge Forbes Feature

Forbes 2017 Custom-Feature: “Intentional About Excellence”

The Global Edge was featured in the Forbes Custom September issue this year! This is the second time we have had the opportunity to collaborate with Forbes to feature our CEO and the incredible team we have here at The Global Edge.

Follow the link below to see what our team has been up to and how we are stronger than ever as we go into this new season.

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Health Awareness Month

6 Reasons why October is Health Awareness Month

Did you know there is a Down Syndrome Awareness Month?  What about Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  How about a Respiratory Care week? Mental Health Awareness Day? Well, there’s one thing they have in common: They all happen in October! 

October is considered the Health Awareness Month due to the variety of weeks and days full of special events to promote healthier lifestyles and information about different health conditions. There are many ways to get involved and support these programs, so through this article, we want to share a list with you containing 6 reasons why October is the Health Awareness Month and how you can be part of it:

1. Cancer Awareness

October is the Worldwide Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign held to inform the public about this disease. You can check the National Breast Cancer Foundation, a U.S. based institution, to get more information about how you can participate in certain events within your community, donate or share educational content on social media. The color pink is used as the official color of the campaign and you can raise awareness by also wearing pink shirts or clothing with messages about the event.

During this month survivors, along with other people, work to increase the reach of educational material, allowing more people to engage in programs that lead to early detection and reduce the risk of advanced breast cancer. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the disease and be conscious and helpful to those who might be affected or exposed.

2. Down Syndrome Awareness

The National Down Syndrome Awareness Month is also held in October. During the month, people with Down syndrome and their families celebrate their abilities and accomplishments and it is also an opportunity to spread awareness through certain events, where you can be informed about ways to promote inclusion and acceptance of people with this condition. You can visit  the National Down Syndrome Society website and read more about it; there are volunteering opportunities, marathons, a shop and much more to get you involved.

3. Liver Awareness

Liver Awareness Month happens in October as well. A complete month dedicated to the importance of liver care and the fundamental role that this organ of the body plays within us. You can also learn about different forms of liver disease and get involved in activities and programs to increase knowledge and consciousness. The campaigns teach the most important things we need to avoid in order to protect our liver, such as reducing alcohol, sugar and pain relievers consumption, along with preventing obesity. If you want to know more about you can take a look at the American Liver Foundation website.

4. Domestic Violence Awareness

Another important occasion in October would be the Domestic Violence Awareness Month which was created as a way to connect and join people and organizations working together to aid victims. Domestic violence happens in most communities and affects many individuals of all genders and ages. These activities have been created to teach people about how they can take action to promote protection, equality, and respect to everybody and to stop domestic violence before it even happens. There are various ways to support, for example, by wearing purple clothing (which is the color assigned to the awareness campaign) or donating to the cause. If you want to get more information about how you can help, you can go to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

5. Dental Hygiene Awareness

National Dental Hygiene Month takes place in October as well, and it celebrates the work dental hygienists do and helps people understand the importance of good oral health. This year, the events are focusing on teaching four main routines: brushing your teeth twice a day with a soft brush, cleaning between your teeth once a day to remove plaque, rinsing to eliminate bacteria and chewing sugarless gum for 20 minutes following meals to prevent tooth decay. The campaign should motivate dental specialists to talk to their patients and community about oral health, by hosting special events, webinars or talks. If you want to know more about it, you can go to the American Dental Association page.

6. National Respiratory Week

Last, but not least, the annual event of the National Respiratory Week is held in October as well. It is an event that recognizes respiratory care professionals and raises awareness for lung health around the world. It is a great opportunity for specialists to educate the community about lung health by organizing engaging events or talks. For more information on this event, you go to the website of the American Association for Respiratory Care.

Finally, there are many other health events that will take place this month as the Eye Injury Prevention Month, the Health Literacy Month, the National Physical Therapy Month, the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month, along with the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and as you can see there are many ways you can get involved in these activities to learn and promote a better and healthier lifestyle, supporting great causes through your help.

We can definitely say that October is a great month to raise awareness and encourage everybody to enjoy the benefits of staying healthy.

At The Global Edge social responsibility is one of our core values. Corporate social responsibility includes an organizations’ initiatives to assess and take responsibility for the company’s effects on environmental and social well being.  A large part of this is to ensure that’all employees have a healthy working environment. To focus on this during Health Awareness Month, our headquarters will have weekly challenges and initiatives to promote Healthy Body, Healthy Mind during October!

These challenges are a part of a voluntary program designed to improve employee health and well-being.  Each employee will be given an activity tracker where you will record the number of minutes you exercise each day.  At the end of each week, the 3 people with the highest times will be given points to be added into the weekly roulette. Stay tuned for our October recap for our weekly winners!

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