2019 Global Edge Gala: Masquerade Ball

2019 Global Edge Gala: Masquerade Ball

On November 8, 2019 The Global Edge celebrated the wonderful year we have had, and the people who helped make it so.

With a Masquerade Ball theme, the Global Edge family, and those who have worked with us this past year, came together in downtown Houston to celebrate our success and thank those who have helped make the company what is it today.

It was a glamorous and memorable night that started with a happy hour and sit-down dinner, followed by endless entertainment with a live-band, photo booth, caricature artists, and more.

While guests were thrown into a Masquerade atmosphere, they also had the chance to learn and donate to the non-government organization we were supporting this year: Doyenne Initiative. The Doyenne Initiative is an NGO created by our CEO, Kathy Eberwein, to provide and support higher-level education and knowledge growth opportunities for women in developing countries. To learn more about the Doyenne Initiative, please visit their website.

Kathy, our CEO thanked those who attended by saying, “Thank you to all those who support The Global Edge and were able to attend our 2019 gala.” She continued by saying, “Not only was the gala this year the biggest one we’ve had with a big support from our clients in the industry, but I was able to share the launching of the Doyenne Initiative, an NGO I created. It was a great evening, and I am looking forward to the biggest and best year yet to come in 2020.”

We all had an amazing evening and are looking forward to 2020!

The Global Edge Staff dressed beautifully to theme
Guests enjoying the evening
The Global Edge marketing team
The Champagne Diva was a big hit!
Guests dancing the night away
Kirsten, one of our Global Edge employees, and her lovely family

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