6th Annual BABC Business Awards- Buzzing With Excitement!

6th Annual BABC Business Awards- Buzzing With Excitement!

My first experience of attending the recent 6th Annual BABC business awards was an excellent insight into the organization and a great networking opportunity. The Global Edge team arrived as finalists and left as winners, which was a fantastic achievement for the business and all involved.

The room was filled with a diverse range of people from various different backgrounds in addition to Americans and Brits, which was encouraging. Many of the members had served for many years on the committee and the board, and their stories were interesting and filled with history.

With a strong focus on helping its companies build international growth, we heard a very interesting talk from Martin carver from Primeast. Martin’s talk demonstrated the importance of utilizing diversity for performance in business. Interestingly, Martin spoke about values in the workplace as well as leadership and how using the Barrett Values pyramid is a tool that can be used to demonstrate that our personal values as employees are the foundation for our individual and team motivation.

When the awards began, The Global Edge was delighted to have won the Small to Mid-Sized International business award in recognition for the company’s performance and success in transatlantic commerce.

Many of our clients were also at the luncheon, and it was good to share stories and find out what 2016 has in store for a number of the organizations ahead. Despite challenging times in the oil and gas market, the luncheon still had a buzz of excitement with what is to come which was certainly promising.

Amy Richardson, North America Business Manager 

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