Balouch earns GMS certification

Balouch earns GMS certification

The Global Edge is proud to announce that Immigration & Mobilization Specialist Sahira Balouch is now a certified Global Mobility Specialist.

As the world embraces a more heterogeneous culture through international integration and as The Global Edge continues to expand globally, the impact of global mobility rises with the increasing number of expatriates embarking on international assignments. As such, we recognize that a specialist is invaluable when assisting expatriates on their relocation and are proud to announce that we now have a Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) on staff to help facilitate this process more effectively and efficiently.

The Global Mobility Specialist is responsible for the international assignment policy development and its support of expatriates on international assignments. We will aid and provide guidance every step of the way as it relates to immigration, mobilization travel and accommodation arrangements, banking, schooling, automobile and home search and other services as needed. Here at the Global Edge, we will provide education and assistance throughout the global mobility process to promote a smooth transition into your new home.

In addition, Sahira is also a corporate member of the Worldwide ERC – The Workforce Mobility Association.

Congratulations to Sahira, and thank you for your hard work and service to The Global Edge!

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