Become a stronger manager: How to manage someone you dislike

Become a stronger manager: How to manage someone you dislike

Being a good manager is having the ability to manage a variety of people—people you like, dislike, younger, older, are a different race/religion, etc.

But none of this should matter if you are putting your company first and doing your job as a manager.  The job of a manager is to keep your team motivated and focused at the job at hand and be able to direct individual employees and the team for one common goal.

Your job as a manager is to not like or dislike your employees, but manage them based on their work performance and how they function with the team. Sure, you will run into employees that are arrogant, socially awkward, loud, rude, kiss up to the boss, etc. But your job as a manager is to get the job done for your team and for the company you work for and represent.

Communication is a key to successfully leading a team. If you have an issue with an employee, it is your responsibility as a manager to speak with that employee and mend that issue or misunderstanding.

If the issue is something that can’t be mended and is affecting the team, then it needs to be taken care of immediately so it doesn’t affect the overall production of the team. Successful teams and managers communicate and work together. Bad seeds or bad employees are usually terminated or put in a different role within the organization so they don’t affect the functionality of the team.

If you communicate, deal with any issues within your organization immediately, and run your team for the betterment of the company, you will be a strong manager whether you dislike or like an employee.

Andy Gozzo
National Account Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

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