In booming oil/gas markets, taking care of employees is key

In booming oil/gas markets, taking care of employees is key

This is the busiest oil/gas market most people have ever seen in their lives.

Almost every oil/gas/petrochemical/LNG company in the world is currently looking to hire candidates. The current market is definitely a candidate/employee market vs. a company/client market. When this takes place in the marketplace, rates/salaries are increased and companies have to increase bonuses, vacations, etc. to entice employees to work for their company.

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In this type of market, the larger companies or the companies with the best salaries/compensation packages usually win out.  It is good most of the time to pay an employee a little more and give them strong benefits to keep them with a company.

I have seen in the past when you try to negotiate down a salary for a candidate, the candidate may take the salary at first. However, the first time a competitor jumps in with a higher rate, the candidate will accept that offer and will not feel any remorse to the company that negotiated down their salary in the first place.  Strong companies pay for strong employees, and companies that undercut employees may win in the short-term, but will lose in the long run.
Written by:

Andrew Gozzo
National Account Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

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