Build it, and they will come: Assembling the Team of Dreams

Build it, and they will come: Assembling the Team of Dreams

I have long since known how incredibly important people are in the business of recruitment.

This is a people business.  We are instrumental in influencing the very core of people’s lives by affecting their quality of life, income, happiness, location, experiences, etc.  Of course it’s a people business!

I have worked in this business for over fifteen years and have come across many different types of recruiters.  Some top-notch, excellent recruiters, some very poor recruiters, and many, many average ones.   I really believe that the top-notch, excellent ones are the ones that make a company.  They make the difference and they should be valued as such.

In my previous personal experiences in the recruitment industry, I had a few instances where I believe I was undervalued.  I have always had a great commitment to quality and integrity and would do “whatever it takes” to get the job done.

Not every employee has that level of commitment and sometimes I think employers take it for granted.  That molded me greatly and ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me as it was the catalyst to push me to go out on my own.

However, when creating my vision of starting a company, being a “grassroots” recruiter in this business, I vowed to never lose sight of what makes a business great in the first place.  And what is that?

Well it is a lot of things.  It’s quality of recruitment.  It’s outstanding service.  It’s exhibiting the utmost professionalism.  But when you break it down, all of these things are achieved only if you have the right people.

People want to do business with people they like; people they trust; people who are smart; people who are professional.  It’s all about the people. If you have the right people, the quality of recruitment will be there.  If you have the right people, the service will be there.  If you have the right people, the professionalism will be there.  If you have the right people, the trust will be there, and so on.

So, how do you get the right people?

Well this is always the million-dollar question.  In our case I can emphatically state that it has been at the core and the most intentional thing that I do in driving the business forward with The Global Edge.

We don’t want anything less than the best so we don’t settle for it.  We don’t settle for average.  We want “it all” in our people.

And so it is not by mistake or happenstance that I have spent a great deal of my time, energy and money looking to build the most excellent team in recruitment.

How do you get them? How do you get the best people?

Well, it starts by knowing what “the best” looks like.  What does it look like for us?  Well, we want the smartest, the brightest, the most driven, the most tenacious, the most fun (yes…the most fun!) the most ethical, the most caring.  We want the whole package.

The interesting thing about attracting this group of qualities is that it has brought a very diverse group of people to our company. Diverse, but common in our fundamental beliefs and core of who we are…and where we will be.

So once you know what you want in people…how do you get them?

I believe it starts with having a great place to work.   How often do we hear how important the people are in the success of a business?  Often.  But how often do companies really put their money where their mouths are and truly invest in their people and the work environment?  Not often.

At The Global Edge we have a workplace that is very “against the grain.”  We do things for our people that others look at and ask me, “Why would you do that?”  And my answer is…”Why not?”

I am committed to making our company such a great place to work that people will be standing in line to work here and would never want to leave.  So my answer is often, “Why wouldn’t we do that?”  (“That” takes various forms from time to time, but having fun is often the topic of discussion)

And why wouldn’t you want to have fun at work?  You spend more waking hours at work than any other place in your life.  Shouldn’t you enjoy it?  Shouldn’t it be fun?  Of course it should!

But sadly, it is not common that work is fun.  We are always looking for new ways to enrich our working experience for our staff.   It ranges from team-building, to special trips and trainings, to flexible working arrangements, to extraordinary financial incentives.

While we may not hit everything for everyone all the time…we hit most of it MOST of the time. I’m proud to say that at The Global Edge, while still evolving, we are building a “dream team” of the most talented and best people in the recruitment arena.

So–back to the motto “build it, and they will come…”

They have come.  They are coming.  And they will continue to come…and I am very excited to see what these talented people do in the years to follow!

Kathy Eberwein
Owner/Managing Director
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

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