Global Edge Mozambique Expansion

In our 7th year of being present in Mozambique, The Global Edge is thrilled to announce another expansion with the relocation of our country headquarters in Maputo. This expansion is in direct correlation to the continued development of our recruitment team as well as the exceptional business growth we are seeing, with over 130 placements made in Mozambique.

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“Relocating our Mozambique headquarters was a strategically important decision for our company and we are pleased to share this news” said Kathy Eberwein, CEO of The Global Edge. “This new office, in Maputo, is centrally located to several of our major clients which we hope will allow us to continue to provide the excellent service they have grown to expect from us. In addition, we hope the location will allow us to connect with local talent as we remain dedicated to developing local capability.”

Our Global Edge Mozambique team consists of a knowledgeable team providing efficient, unparalleled 24/7 local support to our clients and contractors.

Kauri Beach

In Cape Town sits our Southern Africa HQ, which provides support functions to Mozambique and other African locations, including further Recruitment capability and Business Development Management as well as Accounting Support.

The Global Edge contact information for Mozambique is below:


The Global Edge

Rua João de Barros 285 (Sommerschield)

Maputo – Mozambique

Tel  +258 84 380 2866

Global Edge at OTC 2015

The Global Edge sent two of our recruiters to the Oil and Technology Conference in early May. This was especially exciting as these recruiters are out of our Singapore office and are on their first trip to the United States. Read their perspectives below!

Fatima Soriano- Recruitment Consultant-Singapore

It was an amazing experience. It was my first time to visit Houston and one of the highlights of my visit was to attend OTC 2015. Since I don’t drive, I’m so grateful that I have an ever-energetic with an exotic accent colleague Darren to pick me up as early as 6am just nice to be in time for the tropical breakfast at 7:30am. Darren briefly shared an overview of what OTC is and that made me more excited and enthusiastic about it.

I was able to attend a tropical breakfast with a topic “Understanding the Challenges of Vietnam Fractured Basement Exploration, Drilling and Production” last Tuesday, May 15, 2015. Being a non-technical person, it was a good experience for me to know this type of information and also it was relevant to the market that I’m currently working on which is South East Asia.

I’ve been with few networking events, some exhibitions but I can say OTC is massive. Also, this is an event where you can meet all the people you want to meet. From the engineers, owners of the companies and also HR managers, you name it, they have it all! I like how the exhibit is organized per country and region so basically it was easy for me to choose which companies I like to speak to. It was nice to spend time with the bubbly and witty BreAunna when we did our networking in the happening place where the bigger names in the industry at. BreAunna and I went to some interesting companies, introduce ourselves, exchange business cards and had a quick chat. We met a lot of interesting people from different companies across the oil and gas industry. We met potential clients and candidates.

Overall it was a great experience minus the hassle of going out of the conference, all the way back to The Woodlands. I went back feeling tired, but at the same time taking back with me a wonderful experience.

Amrit Kaur – Recruitment Consultant – Singapore

Nothing but a 23 hour flight from Singapore can prepare you for one of the biggest events in the Oil & Gas industry which is the OTC!

Despite it being my first OTC event in Houston, I was all hyped up to get out there and reach out to companies and all sorts of people attending the event from all around the world. However, the seminar that I chose to attend did not have the best time slot.

Just a tip for future newbies going for the OTC event, try to avoid attending seminars or talks between 1 pm – 2pm. Reason being, all booths on display will start tearing down at 2pm, and you will not be allowed to enter the exhibition area.

There I found myself looking at empty booths with people moving around their stuff. But I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet with some companies that were on my List.

Overall, I would say that it was a great experience, I would personally look forward to attending such events in the future.

And The Winner Is…

The Global Edge Consultants was recently invited back for the 2nd year as a Finalist in The Bullhorn Recruitment Agency of the Year category.

From the previous year’s experience, the awards attendance doubled in size. The judging panel consisted of 80+ judges and the awards highlighted 23 categories from Drilling Excellence to New Technology Development of The year. As the 2013 winner, we had reservations that we would win 2 years in a row.

Out of the 3 Recruitment Agency finalists, we felt The Global Edge not only grew globally but grew in strength and knowledge throughout the different sectors in Oil and Gas.

We held our breath when the Chairman, Daniel Creasey, begin to announce the finalists in our category. Before he revealed the 2014 winner he led with “The President’s past and future vision provided a fantastic insight into how the organization came to be such a success in a relatively short space of time and the winner is…THE GLOBAL EDGE CONSULTANTS!”

Half of us ran to the stage and the other half froze with excitement.

The Global Edge employees work hard to strengthen the company to continue to be the industry leader. We could never achieve this great success without our president, Kathy Eberwein.

Kara Keenan-Meyer
Account Manager/Senior Recruiter
The Global Edge Consultants

Through Our Eyes: Oil and Gas Awards Summit

As previously announced, The Global Edge recently captured the Recruitment Agency of the Year award at the Oil and Gas Awards for the second straight year. We sent our team members to the Summit during the day of the awards and asked them to write about their experiences. Check out their perspectives on the day’s events!

BreAunna Estes, Recruitment Specialist

As dawn approached a little earlier than normal, recruiters at The Global Edge Consultants thought that March 19th was going to be just a normal day. Little did they know that in a blink of an eye, they would be awarded for the Bullhorn Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards for the second year in a row.

This astonishing day started when three Account Managers and two Recruiters drove to Downtown Houston to attend the Oil & Gas Summit at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

As the room filled up and the coffee was gone, the event packed day began. Marc Bridgen, Chief Marketing Officer of Oil & Gas Awards kicked off the day with his enthusiastic stories. Following Marc was David Porter, Railroad Commissioner of Texas, to give insight on what the Commissioners’ plan and vision is for Texas and its upcoming year. As the morning continued, a panel interview was held between Chris Faulkner, Paul Gutermann, Eddie Lewis, and Michael Callegari to clarify and make aware of the Federal overreach, change of definition for water, Clean Air Act, EPA, US Fish & Wildlife capitulations to lawsuits by environmental organizations, and intersection between federal and state regulators. The panel interview ended and many raised hands followed with questions and curious minds.

Coffee and networking was held between sessions. People gathered around each other to get new business cards and spread the word of their glorious companies. Panel two interview took place after networking and coffee. This panel covered the topic, Minimizing Environmental Impact through Innovative Water Management, Well Site Construction and Logistics. Lunch and networking approached after the second panel interview.

After lunch, three key speakers spoke about 21st Century Energy, HSE Spotlight, HSE Risk Mitigation, and Planning and Understanding the success of a CSR Initiative. Following the speakers the third panel interview was conducted. The third panel interview’s topic was Health & Safety. This topic opened the eyes of the companies there and made them realize how safety in the workplace is very important.

As the summit was near the end, the host speaker closed with showing the finalists for each category of awards. The anticipation grew for us as we knew an exciting night was ahead!

Zak Christopher, Business Development/Recruiting Coordinator

On March 19, I attended the Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Summit. The Summit, of course, was an exceptional prelude to the highly anticipated Gulf Coast Oil & Gas Awards Show later that night. My co-workers and myself arrived at the Hyatt in downtown Houston rather early in the morning in anticipation of getting a good table for the conference. When we got there we were pleasantly surprised to find that we could snag the closest table to the speakers! After settling in with some coffee and a generous gift bag from the Summit, the learning began. Over the course of the next few hours, we learned a great deal about Health, Safety, and Environment. It was pretty interesting to learn about how much regulation is involved in the process of running something in the Energy Business. This topic lead us on to what I thought was the most important discussion of the day, how will Oil & Gas companies cope with the negative media and local sensationalism of anti-drilling rallies in the near future?

The most impactful speech given that day came from Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation. His topic was about fracing in the United States and the direction it is headed. He shared how much fracing has improved from the past and showed us where expansion is possible. However, he also pointed out a glaring weakness in the industry that has the potential to seriously damage our opportunity, and that is O&G’s lack of care for positive promotion. To put it simply, Oil & Gas doesn’t care about its image, to an extent. This persona and lack of awareness on a national, but more importantly, local level, leaves the Industry in a cloud of negativity built by those opposed. Chris shared with us how the first ban of fracing in a small town in Texas happened. He gave us the details about how locally, there were protestors and out of state people sharing their beliefs on the harmful impact on the environment. O&G’s lack of local presence to explain environmentally what would happen, how it would affect the comm

unity positively, and answering questions the citizens may have had, ultimately cost them the job. While that is just a small example in a small town of something that happened, it’s important to understand the issue at hand. Paraphrasing Chris towards the end of his talk, “the bottom line is, we don’t care enough. There’s too much focus on national marketing and not enough on digging in with the people at home. It’s about trusting the person next to you and if we do not begin to have a local presence in the O&G drilling community, we will continue to see bans like this happen across the United States.” I thought this was a very interesting discussion and really showed me that while Oil companies do care about the environmental impact they have on this world, it is our job to figure out a better way of SHOWING we care.

There were many interesting talks and panel discussion throughout the day. As I mentioned, most of them were tailored towards HSE and the impact O&G has in the world today. The Summit concluded with a nice networking happy hour where everyone was able to make some great new connections. As I departed for the night to head back to The Woodlands, I wished my group of co-workers luck at the award ceremony that night and went on my way. It was a great experience and it challenged my thoughts and ideas on the Industry and left some good opportunities to make a positive impact.

Making connections at OTC 2014

The Global Edge recently made an appearance at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). It’s an annual conference in Houston that concentrates on offshore resources for oil and gas, specifically drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection.

Our purpose in attending the event was to glean more knowledge about our industry and make new business connections for the company.

Here are stories from three of our recruiters about what attending the conference meant to them.

Making the Best of Things – Naomi Borg, Business Development Manager, Australia

We all know that the OTC is the busiest function in Houston (over 2000 exhibitors, over 50,000 attendees). We also know that it’s one of the greatest networking events in the States for the oil and gas industry, definitely in Houston – arguably the world.

And we also probably know – it’s exhausting. People get tired. Participants can be daunted.

But for all your professional networkers out there – don’t lose your sense of humour – and never fail to spot a potential opportunity amongst all the madness.

On the second day of this largest of functions in this largest of industries, I was scheduled to attend the “Australian Breakfast”. The breakfast was set to begin at 7:30 am, thus I arrived 7:00am sharp. However – there was a minor spanner in the works. I had booked online which meant I had to stand in line with a print out of my registration confirmation. The small problem? The registration line didn’t open till 7; 30am. The start of the breakfast? Also 7:30am. Did I mention the length of the line? Well it was L-O-N-G!! Like Black Friday shopping line long.

People were becoming – how can I say this succinctly – cranky. And yet all I could hear around me was Australian accents. My remark – well it sounds like we’re all going to the same place, so let’s all relax.

But the gentleman right in front of me (the only person in front of me) with the strongest of Aussie accents – well low and behold – he was from Perth – and he was the MD of just the massive Australian/ American Petroleum company I was hoping to make contact with during my stay in Texas.

God bless Texas – and God bless the OTC.

Danielle Jeftha  – Recruitment Consultants, Cape Town

It was my first visit to the Houston and what better reason than to attend OTC.  It was on my connecting flight over here from Amsterdam that I realized just how big OTC is – yes I even got a few business cards while standing in line at Immigration!   When I arrived at OTC, as a novice in the industry I found it particularly daunting and in one word “huge”.   It was a real eye opener for me to see just how big our industry is and it made me so excited!   What fascinated me the most was 3D models and technical things (though I have no idea how they work). To see models of things such as “Christmas trees” and drills made the new language I had been learning the past few months come to life.
Naturally, I started in the South African corner, spoke to a few people from SAOGA (South African Oil and Gas Alliance). It was great to see a few familiar faces and friendly and to be introduced to a few contacts in South Africa which may be very interesting.
I come away from OTC with some good leads, spoke to some amazing people, some of which are currently recruiting in Mozambique and other parts of Africa.   All in all, a good day at the “office” for me. Impressed, amazed and extremely excited about our industry.

Gracie Gutierrez – Recruitment Consultant, Houston

Wow- As newbie in the industry and first time at OTC I can truly say it was an exciting and overwhelming experience. It can really test your confidence and ability. It’s a mad house really. Once I took some time to take it all in, got familiar with the layout and worked on my “pitch” the day flew by!
So my day went a little like this….
I had a lunch seminar, Midstream Gas Monetization, that originally seemed to peak an interest… but after having lunch and giving it a fair chance, I was anxious to get back to where all the action was happening.  I was able to catch back up with Andy, who is a go-getter, straight to the point kind of guy; Grant, our silent superstar; and Monika, who happens to be soft spoken, yet aggressive- ALL awesome.
I then observed as they took their approach to develop new business development leads. At this point in the day I was ready, or at least felt more comfortable to approach some of the companies that I knew could be potential clients. Once those doors were opened, I felt I had nothing to fear.
The REAL bummer was that once I had gained my confidence, it was time to call it a day. Although nothing can prepare you for your first time at OTC, there is a lesson to be learned. Study the map beforehand, and plan to spend two days next year!

No fishy business here: On Alaska’s LNG relationship with Japan

Beginning in September of this year, a formal dialogue began between a Japanese bank and Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources. The topic of this conversation: liquid natural gas (LNG).

Included in this conversation:  an enormous LNG project that could be equivalent to creating another Trans Alaska Pipeline. An agreement was signed by Alaska’s Commissioner of Natural Resources, Dan Sullivan, and the Managing Director of the Japanese Bank of International Cooperation, Koichi Yajima (Alex Demarban, There are several options being thrown around for new Alaska LNG production, and the biggest one would cost upwards $65 billion.

For years Alaska has maintained a close export-relationship with its north Pacific neighbor Japan, and the love is indeed felt. And it’s not just the exportation of Alaska’s clean, cold water and high quality, sushi-grade seafood. According to Sullivan, “Alaska has supplied LNG to Japan for more than 40 years and has an unmatched record of reliability” ( The Japanese bank interested in financing the potential LNG project in the 49th State already actively invests in international oil and gas projects.

One project that is apparently losing steam in Alaska (partly due to lack of financing interest elsewhere as well as discrepancies between land lease-holders) is the Trans Canada pipeline. Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, BP and pipeline builder Trans Canada are studying this project. This would be an 800 mile pipeline beginning on the North Slope, bringing gas to a LNG production facility on the Kenai Peninsula, and shipping that LNG abroad.

It is known that overall oil production in the state is decreasing.  Japan is experiencing an energy problem and the demand for it is outpacing actual supplies. Natural resources are not forever. There is greater urgency now within the local Alaskan government and energy circles to finalize plans for exploration and development of a new energy resource.

Monika Banic
Recruitment ConsultantThe Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

Photo courtesy LNG News

Keep your résumé out of the trash with these tips

Writing up a resume is not a simple task.

If you are like me, I would spend a significant amount of time and effort revising my resume to make it look nice, easy to read, and everything is up-to-date and correct.  These criteria are important because you want the outside person to look at your resume and know when, where, and what you have done in your career with ease.

As a former resourcer, I reviewed hundreds of resumes a week.  You would be surprised that people still make common mistakes.

Here are some examples:
•    Lack of contact information
•    Dates out of order
•    Most recent job position not on top
•    Job responsibilities written in a summary
•    Degrees not properly stated

It is frustrating for a recruiter who is trying to reach you regarding a position and the number is disconnected or email is returned.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, make sure you are reachable.

When listing your experience, it is best you have your most recent position first and dates are in order.  Recruiters and hiring managers like to know what you are currently doing right off the bat.

Also, using bullet points to state your responsibilities are much easier to follow (remember you are writing a resume and not a novel).

If you have a degree and not properly stated, it just looks bad.

All these mistakes can be avoided if extra time and effort to pay attention to details is put into it.  It is as simple as that.

Vickie Nguyen
Financial Assistant
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

Plasma-pulse technology and the future of oil and gas recruiting

It is well known that our primary and secondary production methods allow us to recover 25 to 50 % of our known resources.

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) makes it possible to produce up to 90% of the original oil in the reservoir remaining after standard production methods fail to extract more oil utilizing a broad spectrum of techniques.

Although simpler methodologies developed about fifty years ago, enhanced oil recovery techniques have gone through tremendous changes within the last 5-10 years. An interesting development which caught my attention in 2013 was a new way of EOR named “Plasma-Pulse Technology or PPT” which is invented at the St. Petersburg State Mining University.

Plasma-Pulse Technology works without any chemicals and therefore is deemed to be environmentally friendly. The treatment is created to clear the well drainage area of sedimentation clogging at the perforation zone and increase the permeability of the reservoir at the same time. This technology reminds me of the many science fiction movies in which they suggested to use this technology with futuristic weapons.
These rapidly developments in our industry will mean a need for specialized consultants.

Here at The Global Edge Consultants, we are constantly improving our recruitment skills to find the people with specific requirements. The technology developments in our industry will require people with specific skills. To guarantee our quality of services and knowhow about the developments within the international oil and gas industry, The Global Edge Consultants is constantly updating ourselves by sharing this kind of information as well as attending exhibitions and presentations about new technologies. We believe that besides good communication skills, a certain technical knowhow, and project understanding is a key to success in our industry. In this way we are able to provide top quality services for both clients and consultants.

Pieter Brink
Business Development Manager
The Global Edge Consultants UK

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

So, I noticed you stalking my LinkedIn profile…

When social media exploded on the scene, we adapted to the ease of instantly connecting with people all over the world.

Most would agree that Facebook paved the way for social networking.  Facebook is a great way to share vacation pics with loved ones or just a good laugh from a post describing TMI about a long family car trip.

Twitter offers a slightly different twist – it allows you to tweet your favorite celebrity, retweet trends or simply #hashtaganythingandeverything.  The ever-evolving social networking sites are rampant and compete fiercely for the most attention.

And now, taking center stage, let’s give a big round of applause to… LinkedIn.

This unique social site is unparalleled.  It’s not the place to reveal personal information, post soccer photos, or share do-it-yourself ideas. Keeping your profile strictly professional is key.  It’s exclusive for “professionals only”…consider it as a virtual rolodex.  What happens if you lose an important business card from yesterday’s meeting?  No worries, LinkedIn quickly locates and connects you with professionals of your choice, local or internationally.  It has been noted as the world’s largest audience of affluent leaders and influential professionals.

LinkedIn is now the #1 social networking site for professionals with 259 million active monthly users and has an impressive growth rate nearly twice that of Facebook. THAT is a statistic worth tweeting about!  LinkedIn is social media brilliance, designed with a professional platform. One of the favorite features is “who viewed your profile”.  In fact, this is the most clicked on area of LinkedIn (well, of course). Who wouldn’t want to know when someone stops to peek at their profile?  Whether someone is peeking or stalking, most of us would at least want to know WHO is doing the stalking.

When you click on “who viewed your profile”, you’re given a list of individuals complete with their name, photo and a link that guides you to their profile. Keep in mind, viewing their profile will transition you from stalkee to stalker.    I asked several active users if they were uncomfortable when “stalked” on LinkedIn.  Most members were only unsettled when viewed by an “anonymous” LinkedIn member.

Taking a few minutes to fine tune your profile is well worth the time and brings major returns on your investment.  Top industry recruiters view LinkedIn as a highly valuable resource. When tasked with the challenge to locate a qualified candidate with a rare skill set, recruiters can prove to be more determined than a private detective after heavy Red Bull consumption.  Skilled recruiters can selectively locate hard-to-find candidates that may otherwise be overlooked.

This isn’t just a cool way to learn about your own personal stalkers. LinkedIn allows your colleagues to give you a public recommendation, skill endorsement, it offers a plethora of jobs, career advice, professional groups and of course, outstanding industry talent.

The advantages of being “linked in” are enormous.  So, fire up the laptop, connect responsibly and stalk away.

Amy West
Account Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

Anything can happen: How to stay prepared for a job search

Not sure how or why to stay prepared for a job search?

Happy with your current job, and not looking?  You should give it some thought because anything can happen.  To make it easier, here are four important things you need to be doing and how to work them into your busy lifestyle.

1.    You always hear how important it is to keep your CV resume up-to-date.  But it’s not always easy to do, or more so it seems, to find the time to do.  This does require a bit of discipline.  In this day and age of technology and busy lifestyles, I would suggest setting reminders in your cell phone and/or laptop calendars, once a quarter.  When you see that reminder pop up, take 30 minutes to reflect on the past 3 months of work and accomplishments.
2.    While happily employed at your current job, remember to take the opportunities to further your education, training, and certifications; either offered by your company or affiliated entities. These opportunities are excellent CV/resume builders, and can really set you apart from other individuals for your next career move or position, especially in a tight market industry.
3.    Very important and sometimes taken for granted, again with our busy lifestyles, is networking.  Not just making new networking contacts, which is always very important, but continuing to kindle those older network contacts you had made 5-10 years ago. Try to not let years go by before reaching out to an older network contact.  Send an email, make a quick call to these individuals every so often throughout the year. Keeping your network kindled and maintaining a pulse for how people are doing and where they are at, may just open doors for you that you never would have otherwise realized were out there.  One of your older contacts may know of an open position for someone just like yourself.
4.    Health. An overall healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically, is very important to happiness and stability.  A healthy lifestyle is never too late to start.  You will feel better and more alert.  It will most likely make the 3 previous ways to stay prepared for a job search easier to manage.

Jason Rogers
Business Development/Account Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

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