For me, every day is Bring In Your Parents Day

For me, every day is Bring In Your Parents Day

According to an article recently published in The Wall Street Journal, LinkedIn is putting a twist on the traditional “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” and hosting their first “Bring in Your Parents Day” this November.

For many they might think this idea is strange and others may believe it could be very beneficial; for me I bring one of my parents with me every day because she is my boss.

LinkedIn is not the only company to embark on this new tradition. Earlier this year, in May, Google hosted their second “Take Your Parents to Work Day” at their headquarters located in California (Hofschneider). With over 2,000 parents showing up, the company believed the numbers illustrated how beneficial their new tradition was to the company and their employees.

Looking at it from a perspective of someone who works with a parent every day, I think this new idea of employees bringing their parents to work is a great idea.

Giving employees a day to bring in their parents to see how they work on a day to day basis can be helpful in so many ways. For one, it allows employees to get to know each other in a completely different light while still being in the work environment. It allows employees, especially their bosses, to get to know where their colleagues come from and gives them a better understanding of who they are, which can assist in the way colleagues work together in the future.

Secondly, I believe it can also increase productivity and confidence of employees. For the most part everyone would like to impress and gain approval from their parents. It is an inborn psychological need, and gaining that affirmation can fuel employees to improve on their successes.

Now my situation differs from most. I work with my mother every day. She is my boss and runs the company that employs me. It is a situation that might not work for most, but for me I benefit every day. Having one of my parents constantly present in my work environment helps me strive to be the best I can be.

I firmly believe that having the tradition of employees bringing in their parent(s) to work once a year can allow for a new insight for the boss’s on their employees, an increase in colleague’s cohesiveness, and a major boost in the employee’s drive to succeed.

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