The Global Edge Gives Back- 2nd Annual Kendra Scott PHA Benefit

The Global Edge Gives Back- 2nd Annual Kendra Scott PHA Benefit

As I was sitting watching the big screen at AT&T Stadium at the Texas High School Football Championships, I was in awe of the festive and prideful colors everyone displayed. One of the most common elements I notice on ladies of both sides was Kendra Scott jewelry – earrings in bright reds and greens, necklaces in blacks and crimsons – but the iconic shapes were noticeable no matter what team the wearer’s were rooting for. Kendra Scott started in Austin, Texas, so it is not a surprise on the huge market permeation it has across Texas but there is more to Kendra Scott than just pretty jewelry.

Kendra Scott, LLC runs with three core values – Family, Fashion and Philanthropy. Kendra Scott herself is a strong female CEO who has giving at the front and center of everything she does. “I was inspired to create a business that did something more, that gave back to the community in real, meaningful ways.” Kendra Scott it seems is very similar to our own Kathy Eberwein. Social Responsibility is one of Global Edge’s five core values and is at the heart of several of the programs we run throughout the year. Global Edge continues to help the local community through YMCA programs and has been a long time supporter of the Pulmonary Hypertension Association through local events and fundraisers. In addition, Global Edge has supported Right 2 Thrive. Down the road, Kathy hopes that through her successes at Global Edge she will be able to build an orphanage and school to help children in Africa.

Global Edge is excited to be partnering with Kendra Scott on Market Street in The Woodlands for the second year. Employees as Global Edge have worked to host an event on Tuesday, March 28th to benefit the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. At this Kendra Gives Back event, Kendra Scott will donate 20% of all proceeds raised to the PHA, with a focus on research, education, and awareness for this disease. We could not be more pleased to support a company with similar values and an association with a cause near and dear to us.

And then as looked back down at the field, it was halftime of The Woodlands High School game against Austin Lake Travis, and another inspiring sight was to be seen. The marching band of Austin Lake Travis had formed a #21 in honor of Grant Milton, the Woodlands Highlander player who had emergency brain surgery following an injury sustained during a game on November 26th. The community has been rallying behind the high school senior and his family, and it was refreshing to see the rivals reach out and support The Woodlands High School community as well. Keeping in the spirit of giving, Global Edge sponsored a bus with SNG transportation to transport local Woodlands residents to the game to raise money for the #MiltonStrong campaign.

In these times where the news seems to be focused on the negative, we are proud to be working to give back to our global communities and to be partnering with some great companies. While the oil and gas industry may ebb and flow, the tide of giving will always be at the center of Global Edge and we look forward to doing more good in 2017.

Julie Kennedy, Controller

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