Why you should hire ex-military personnel for oil and gas jobs

Why you should hire ex-military personnel for oil and gas jobs

In today’s military and civil service, engineering personnel come equipped with training details and are backed up with many years of invaluable technical and engineering experience which can transfer to the oil and gas industries.

In my recent experience, most placements are seamless for the right ex-military candidate seeking a new civilian career.

Something to think about when considering ex-military personnel is not only the training that is ingrained into them from day one, but also training in the art of learning to complete tasks and problem solve on their own.

Global oil and gas is booming now, and with insufficient contractors to meet new field requirements, some companies are having trouble meeting engineering staffing requirements. The Global Edge Consultants invites you to consider ex-military candidates for your current projects.

If you’re in a position to hire military veterans, you need to do it quickly and you don’t want to pay high recruiting fees. With 25 million veterans and 200,000 leaving active duty every year, you need to sort through all the sources and find the right candidate. Let The Global Edge Consultants help you fill your staffing needs today.

Written by:

Craig Gormus
Business Development (Washington Office)
The Global Edge Consultants

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