Let’s start fracking in England

Let’s start fracking in England

First we have to understand what shale gas is and why it is becoming more popular.

Shale gas is a natural gas that is trapped within shale formation, as shown in the photo on the right.

The US is the leading admirer of shale gas and within 10 years the production of the gas has increased from 1% to 20%.  The US suggests that come the middle of the century, 46% of natural gas will come from shale.

Over across the water, where the Anglo-Saxons defeated the Celts, shale gas is becoming an argumentative subject, unlike their Atlantic neighbors who are taking it in stride.

England is concerned that fracking may cause minor earthquakes or seismic movement within the UK.  Although the North Sea has been fracking for many years, scientists believe that producing shale gas directly from land could lead to serious problems. Recently, however, it’s been proven that England may hold way over the amount of shale gas that was last calculated in the 80s.

The economy in the UK could benefit hugely as the government’s investment is close to £13 billion therefore creating thousands of jobs for the UK.

My opinion is that we need to use our natural resources, and if shale gas is going to better the economy and become a ‘need’ in England, then let’s start fracking and start producing high levels of shale gas.

Darren SmithBusiness Development Manager
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