What you need to do during your next interview

What you need to do during your next interview

When you hear the word interview, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

For many interviewees, the word intimidation may come up. For some they see it as a challenge or a test they have to pass with the perfectly correct choice of words. Then there are those who see it as a personality contest and feel the need impress their peers who are a part of the process.

Having experience being on both sides of the table, as the interviewer and an interviewee, I have noticed that when the interviewee engages and ask questions, the prospective employer has an even better grasp on how well the individual would fit in at the company.

When going in to an interview, it’s true that you want to impress the individual(s) who are interviewing you, but that’s only one part of the equation. Being capable to fulfill the responsibilities of the job at hand is very important and is the responsibility of the Interviewer to decide.

However, deciding if you (the interviewee) would be a good fit at that company and be able to excel and perform your best is the job of the interviewee. No one knows yourself better than you and interviewing the company is the best to find out if a job with them is a good fit for you and your career.

Ways to “interview” a company:
1.    Ask questions: Ask about the work environment and the atmosphere. Ask what they expect from you in your first year in the new role. Ask any question you can to see if your personality and work style would be compatible in that role and in that company.
2.    Observe: Take a look at your surroundings and see what impression you get of the work atmosphere. How are people dressed? Does it seem very professional or more casual? Is it loud or extremely quiet? Are people working together in teams or does it seem like an individualized work environment? All of these observations can help you decide if you think you would be a good fit at that company and its working environment.
3.    Take notes: When being interviewed by your prospective employer, take notes of how the interview goes and the tone of the interview. Take notes on questions you ask them and notes on the questions they ask you. This will help you later on in the process when it comes time to making a decision on if the job is a good fit for you.

The bottom line is that while you want to impress your prospective employer when meeting with them, you should also want them to impress you and make you want to be a part of what they are doing. You should leave excited and want to work with those individuals you just met. The best way to do that is to get involved and interview them too!

Chelsey Eberwein
Recruitment Consultant
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

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