Why you need to work smarter, not harder!

Why you need to work smarter, not harder!

Always busy?

You hear it all the time regardless of where you are in the world. We are always “completely buried in work,” “absolutely slammed this week,” or “unable to even move due to vast amount of paperwork on the desk.”

No matter the reason, it always boils down to how much more work I have than you. Some propose that it is a way of one-upping. To say that “I’m busier than you” suggests a type of superiority,that you are in some way more valuable.  In essence: “I’m busier, more in-demand, more successful” (Meredith Fineman, 2013).

Everyone is busy in some shape or form, from the front desk assistant to the managing director, whether it’s with demanding clients, filling out a late expense report, or with various meetings. We all have a limited number of hours in a working day and it’s very easy to fill the whole day with ‘stuff’ to do.

Let’s start bragging about great time management!

Here are some tactics to ease the busy work schedule:

Delegate: If you are in a position to delegate, learn the art of doing it. Not everything requires your personal attention.
Schedule: Effectively managing your tasks, prioritizing and scheduling them appropriately via a scheduling system (e.g. Microsoft Office calendar) can free up more time than you think.
Time constraint: if you can only afford to spend 45 minutes on a project, only spend 45 minutes on it.
Recognizing low-priority work: You need understand which tasks hold priority over others. If you have a meeting with the Managing Director in 15 minutes, its best you finish up that Business Development presentation you have had sitting on your desk for 3 weeks. The company’s Twitter account can be updated after the meeting has concluded. (Editor’s note: Auto-scheduling tweets through a service like HootSuite is a lifesaver, especially on those busy days!)

It all boils down to working smart, not necessarily working hard, although I do not discourage the latter.

Alex Purvis
Recruitment Consultant
The Global Edge Consultants UK

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

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