Plasma-pulse technology and the future of oil and gas recruiting

Plasma-pulse technology and the future of oil and gas recruiting

It is well known that our primary and secondary production methods allow us to recover 25 to 50 % of our known resources.

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) makes it possible to produce up to 90% of the original oil in the reservoir remaining after standard production methods fail to extract more oil utilizing a broad spectrum of techniques.

Although simpler methodologies developed about fifty years ago, enhanced oil recovery techniques have gone through tremendous changes within the last 5-10 years. An interesting development which caught my attention in 2013 was a new way of EOR named “Plasma-Pulse Technology or PPT” which is invented at the St. Petersburg State Mining University.

Plasma-Pulse Technology works without any chemicals and therefore is deemed to be environmentally friendly. The treatment is created to clear the well drainage area of sedimentation clogging at the perforation zone and increase the permeability of the reservoir at the same time. This technology reminds me of the many science fiction movies in which they suggested to use this technology with futuristic weapons.
These rapidly developments in our industry will mean a need for specialized consultants.

Here at The Global Edge Consultants, we are constantly improving our recruitment skills to find the people with specific requirements. The technology developments in our industry will require people with specific skills. To guarantee our quality of services and knowhow about the developments within the international oil and gas industry, The Global Edge Consultants is constantly updating ourselves by sharing this kind of information as well as attending exhibitions and presentations about new technologies. We believe that besides good communication skills, a certain technical knowhow, and project understanding is a key to success in our industry. In this way we are able to provide top quality services for both clients and consultants.

Pieter Brink
Business Development Manager
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