How we roll! Celebrating our company Global Edge Style

How we roll! Celebrating our company Global Edge Style

 “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”–Albert Einstein

Once again the Global Edge has proven to be a best-in-class recruitment agency for the Oil & Gas sector. For the second year in a row the Global Edge has been selected as winner for Recruitment Agency of the Year at the Oil & Gas Awards in Houston.

This is a massive achievement considering the downturn in the Oil & Gas sector due to low oil prices as OPEC continuous to flood the market with cheap oil, slowing down unconventional projects across the globe. The Global Edge has managed to generate net positive results for the past year, which is not a trivial feat as its much bigger rivals show decreasing numbers both in the direct-hire market and contracting side of temporary labour. The following testimonial is evident why we are exceeding the industry average:

“Global Edge brings a level of competence to the table that is unsurpassed. They understand the imperatives of the business, yet they also have a keen sense for the importance of compliance. They consistently recommend solutions that result in a win for the business and a win for compliance–and for us, that’s a winning combination!”

How have we achieved this? Only by employing the best of the best in both our front and back office. To celebrate this and reflect on the past year, our leader Kathy Eberwein insists that every year we fly representatives from all our offices across the globe to our Head Quarters in Houston. Here in true Global Edge style we work together to leverage international relationships and enhance team spirit. Besides numerous social events and client meetings, the highlight of this week has been the Awards Dinner.

At the Awards Dinner individuals where recognised for their extraordinary input and efforts. I will not mention everyone here, but foremost I would like to recognise Mark Moller for the Top Gun Award! Even during this economic downturn, he has managed to exceed expectations and set an example as our front office recruiter in Arizona. Mark brings the quality we would like to convey to all our recruiters, quality above quantity and consistency. He has exceeded his target and is well on his way to doubling this for next year. Right Mark?

Again I would like to thank everyone at the Global Edge for all your hard work. Times are tough, but as long as we continue to do our best, be consistent and work together, I am sure we will be on our way to achieving great things this year.

Last but not least – a big thanks to our inspirational leader Kathy Eberwein – she continuous to build our company while ensuring the Global Edge DNA is not lost as we grow. Also I would like to welcome our new North American Business Manager – Amy Richardson. As Kathy’s new right-hand she will bring consistent leadership to our North American Business unit and reflect Kathy’s standards of excellence.

Best of the best, because that Ladies and Gentlemen…. is how we roll!

Gijsbert Bakker
Regional Director–Sub-Saharan Africa
The Global Edge Consultants

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