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Global Edge in Forbes Magazine

The Global Edge and our owner, Kathy Eberwein, recently appeared in Forbes Magazine!

Take a look below for the article, or go to this link: http://forbescustom.com/marketplace/theglobaledgeconsultants/

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

Making connections at OTC 2014

The Global Edge recently made an appearance at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). It’s an annual conference in Houston that concentrates on offshore resources for oil and gas, specifically drilling, exploration, production and environmental protection.

Our purpose in attending the event was to glean more knowledge about our industry and make new business connections for the company.

Here are stories from three of our recruiters about what attending the conference meant to them.

Making the Best of Things – Naomi Borg, Business Development Manager, Australia

We all know that the OTC is the busiest function in Houston (over 2000 exhibitors, over 50,000 attendees). We also know that it’s one of the greatest networking events in the States for the oil and gas industry, definitely in Houston – arguably the world.

And we also probably know – it’s exhausting. People get tired. Participants can be daunted.

But for all your professional networkers out there – don’t lose your sense of humour – and never fail to spot a potential opportunity amongst all the madness.

On the second day of this largest of functions in this largest of industries, I was scheduled to attend the “Australian Breakfast”. The breakfast was set to begin at 7:30 am, thus I arrived 7:00am sharp. However – there was a minor spanner in the works. I had booked online which meant I had to stand in line with a print out of my registration confirmation. The small problem? The registration line didn’t open till 7; 30am. The start of the breakfast? Also 7:30am. Did I mention the length of the line? Well it was L-O-N-G!! Like Black Friday shopping line long.

People were becoming – how can I say this succinctly – cranky. And yet all I could hear around me was Australian accents. My remark – well it sounds like we’re all going to the same place, so let’s all relax.

But the gentleman right in front of me (the only person in front of me) with the strongest of Aussie accents – well low and behold – he was from Perth – and he was the MD of just the massive Australian/ American Petroleum company I was hoping to make contact with during my stay in Texas.

God bless Texas – and God bless the OTC.

Danielle Jeftha  – Recruitment Consultants, Cape Town

It was my first visit to the Houston and what better reason than to attend OTC.  It was on my connecting flight over here from Amsterdam that I realized just how big OTC is – yes I even got a few business cards while standing in line at Immigration!   When I arrived at OTC, as a novice in the industry I found it particularly daunting and in one word “huge”.   It was a real eye opener for me to see just how big our industry is and it made me so excited!   What fascinated me the most was 3D models and technical things (though I have no idea how they work). To see models of things such as “Christmas trees” and drills made the new language I had been learning the past few months come to life.
Naturally, I started in the South African corner, spoke to a few people from SAOGA (South African Oil and Gas Alliance). It was great to see a few familiar faces and friendly and to be introduced to a few contacts in South Africa which may be very interesting.
I come away from OTC with some good leads, spoke to some amazing people, some of which are currently recruiting in Mozambique and other parts of Africa.   All in all, a good day at the “office” for me. Impressed, amazed and extremely excited about our industry.

Gracie Gutierrez – Recruitment Consultant, Houston

Wow- As newbie in the industry and first time at OTC I can truly say it was an exciting and overwhelming experience. It can really test your confidence and ability. It’s a mad house really. Once I took some time to take it all in, got familiar with the layout and worked on my “pitch” the day flew by!
So my day went a little like this….
I had a lunch seminar, Midstream Gas Monetization, that originally seemed to peak an interest… but after having lunch and giving it a fair chance, I was anxious to get back to where all the action was happening.  I was able to catch back up with Andy, who is a go-getter, straight to the point kind of guy; Grant, our silent superstar; and Monika, who happens to be soft spoken, yet aggressive- ALL awesome.
I then observed as they took their approach to develop new business development leads. At this point in the day I was ready, or at least felt more comfortable to approach some of the companies that I knew could be potential clients. Once those doors were opened, I felt I had nothing to fear.
The REAL bummer was that once I had gained my confidence, it was time to call it a day. Although nothing can prepare you for your first time at OTC, there is a lesson to be learned. Study the map beforehand, and plan to spend two days next year!

Who’s accountable for hiring the right talent?

Hiring the right talent involves several steps and coordination between key stakeholders.

One must seek individuals who not only have the prerequisite skills and experience, but also the right core values which are in line with the organization’s foundation principles.

Firstly, the job role, responsibilities and key deliverables must be clearly defined in order to match the right candidates within the job scope.

Secondly, once a decent shortlist has been established, a robust interviewing process should commence. This may include technical scope and possible tests / exams to establish core competency. Key questions should also be asked to establish core motivations of the individual, making sure they are also in line with the organization’s principles.

Thirdly, responsibility must be taken for the smooth transition into the new role. A mobilization and on-boarding process allowing for a comfortable entry into the new workplace should ensure this.

Following these key steps should ensure successful hires within the organization. It is the responsibility of line management in coordination with HR to achieve this, but responsibility should also lie with the recruiter that introduces the candidate. A good recruiter will align a candidate shortlist within the parameters of the roles requirements and cultural environment.

Harmony and coordination between these three parties should ensure success every time.

Scott McIlwraith
Operations Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

Rorting the system: 457 visas in Australia

Voters over the weekend delivered a stinging defeat to the Australian Labor Party (ALP), led by Kevin Rudd, ushering in a new era of government.

Tony Abbott has led the strong conservative Liberal-National coalition into power after 6 years of tumultuous leadership squabbles and rocky relations with the business community. Mr. Abbott triumphantly announced “From today I declare Australia is under new management and is once more open for business.”

To say that the next 3 years will be of great interest in relations with between business and government would be an understatement – not least in relation to the controversial 457 Visa.

Back in June of this year, the just recently re-instated Head of State, Mr. Rudd, yet again ruffled feathers amongst the Australian business leaders. In passing the hotly contested 457 Visa or Migration Amendment Bill (passed by just one vote in the House of Representatives) our former Prime Minister failed to repair the strained relationship between the ALP and the business community.

The decision had many critics1, but put simply, the visa 457 is the entry point of choice when looking to bring skilled workers into Australia to fill what many deem to be a ‘gap in the market with regard to skill and experience’ 2 – an especially pertinent concern within the oil and gas community.

Due to the passing of this legislation, employers must now conduct labor market testing to prove difficulty in finding local workers – before they can hire foreign workers by advertising in newspapers for up to four months—not an ideal situation in this fast paced and dynamic industry.

On the other hand, there is now a minimum financial commitment that companies are now obligated to invest in staff training. Though perhaps expensive in the short term, this may actually be beneficial in the long term to both companies and their skilled-up workers. In addition to this important amendment, the fact that 457 visa holders can now stay longer (they will have 90 days to find another job following termination rather than the previous 28 day time limit) makes it much more reasonable for foreign workers.

All of this was in the endeavor to make it more difficult for employers to “rort [scam] the system”.

According to the Hon Brenden O’Connor, Minister for Employment, Skills and Training, “This legislation contains a sensible solution to the loophole in the Migration Act which meant overseas workers on vessels engaged in laying pipeline on the seabed did not require a work visa. The resources are governed under Australian law. The jobs should be too.” 4

If you are an employer, be sure to know your legal responsibilities inside and out. Furthermore, ensure your HR and legal departments are very well versed in the minutiae of the passed legislation.

If you are an employee, know your rights – the following links may provide you with useful information.5 6

Naomi Borg
Business Development Manager–Australia
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!



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