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Keep your résumé out of the trash with these tips

Writing up a resume is not a simple task.

If you are like me, I would spend a significant amount of time and effort revising my resume to make it look nice, easy to read, and everything is up-to-date and correct.  These criteria are important because you want the outside person to look at your resume and know when, where, and what you have done in your career with ease.

As a former resourcer, I reviewed hundreds of resumes a week.  You would be surprised that people still make common mistakes.

Here are some examples:
•    Lack of contact information
•    Dates out of order
•    Most recent job position not on top
•    Job responsibilities written in a summary
•    Degrees not properly stated

It is frustrating for a recruiter who is trying to reach you regarding a position and the number is disconnected or email is returned.  If you are looking for a new opportunity, make sure you are reachable.

When listing your experience, it is best you have your most recent position first and dates are in order.  Recruiters and hiring managers like to know what you are currently doing right off the bat.

Also, using bullet points to state your responsibilities are much easier to follow (remember you are writing a resume and not a novel).

If you have a degree and not properly stated, it just looks bad.

All these mistakes can be avoided if extra time and effort to pay attention to details is put into it.  It is as simple as that.

Vickie Nguyen
Financial Assistant
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

Plasma-pulse technology and the future of oil and gas recruiting

It is well known that our primary and secondary production methods allow us to recover 25 to 50 % of our known resources.

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) makes it possible to produce up to 90% of the original oil in the reservoir remaining after standard production methods fail to extract more oil utilizing a broad spectrum of techniques.

Although simpler methodologies developed about fifty years ago, enhanced oil recovery techniques have gone through tremendous changes within the last 5-10 years. An interesting development which caught my attention in 2013 was a new way of EOR named “Plasma-Pulse Technology or PPT” which is invented at the St. Petersburg State Mining University.

Plasma-Pulse Technology works without any chemicals and therefore is deemed to be environmentally friendly. The treatment is created to clear the well drainage area of sedimentation clogging at the perforation zone and increase the permeability of the reservoir at the same time. This technology reminds me of the many science fiction movies in which they suggested to use this technology with futuristic weapons.
These rapidly developments in our industry will mean a need for specialized consultants.

Here at The Global Edge Consultants, we are constantly improving our recruitment skills to find the people with specific requirements. The technology developments in our industry will require people with specific skills. To guarantee our quality of services and knowhow about the developments within the international oil and gas industry, The Global Edge Consultants is constantly updating ourselves by sharing this kind of information as well as attending exhibitions and presentations about new technologies. We believe that besides good communication skills, a certain technical knowhow, and project understanding is a key to success in our industry. In this way we are able to provide top quality services for both clients and consultants.

Pieter Brink
Business Development Manager
The Global Edge Consultants UK

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

So, I noticed you stalking my LinkedIn profile…

When social media exploded on the scene, we adapted to the ease of instantly connecting with people all over the world.

Most would agree that Facebook paved the way for social networking.  Facebook is a great way to share vacation pics with loved ones or just a good laugh from a post describing TMI about a long family car trip.

Twitter offers a slightly different twist – it allows you to tweet your favorite celebrity, retweet trends or simply #hashtaganythingandeverything.  The ever-evolving social networking sites are rampant and compete fiercely for the most attention.

And now, taking center stage, let’s give a big round of applause to… LinkedIn.

This unique social site is unparalleled.  It’s not the place to reveal personal information, post soccer photos, or share do-it-yourself ideas. Keeping your profile strictly professional is key.  It’s exclusive for “professionals only”…consider it as a virtual rolodex.  What happens if you lose an important business card from yesterday’s meeting?  No worries, LinkedIn quickly locates and connects you with professionals of your choice, local or internationally.  It has been noted as the world’s largest audience of affluent leaders and influential professionals.

LinkedIn is now the #1 social networking site for professionals with 259 million active monthly users and has an impressive growth rate nearly twice that of Facebook. THAT is a statistic worth tweeting about!  LinkedIn is social media brilliance, designed with a professional platform. One of the favorite features is “who viewed your profile”.  In fact, this is the most clicked on area of LinkedIn (well, of course). Who wouldn’t want to know when someone stops to peek at their profile?  Whether someone is peeking or stalking, most of us would at least want to know WHO is doing the stalking.

When you click on “who viewed your profile”, you’re given a list of individuals complete with their name, photo and a link that guides you to their profile. Keep in mind, viewing their profile will transition you from stalkee to stalker.    I asked several active users if they were uncomfortable when “stalked” on LinkedIn.  Most members were only unsettled when viewed by an “anonymous” LinkedIn member.

Taking a few minutes to fine tune your profile is well worth the time and brings major returns on your investment.  Top industry recruiters view LinkedIn as a highly valuable resource. When tasked with the challenge to locate a qualified candidate with a rare skill set, recruiters can prove to be more determined than a private detective after heavy Red Bull consumption.  Skilled recruiters can selectively locate hard-to-find candidates that may otherwise be overlooked.

This isn’t just a cool way to learn about your own personal stalkers. LinkedIn allows your colleagues to give you a public recommendation, skill endorsement, it offers a plethora of jobs, career advice, professional groups and of course, outstanding industry talent.

The advantages of being “linked in” are enormous.  So, fire up the laptop, connect responsibly and stalk away.

Amy West
Account Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

What to do when waiting for recruiter feedback

Anxiously waiting for feedback? Are you wondering if your resume ever made it to the right hands or did it go into a black hole?

Did you make the right choice in using “that” particular recruiter? All of these questions come across a job seekers mind waiting for feedback from their recruiter.

After deciding that it is time to advance in your career and make a move, transitioning to the next chapter can always seem uneasy. It can cause you to second guess your career-changing decisions.

The same feelings arise after hours, days and weeks go by without feedback. The anxious feeling can cause you to look like a stalker, desperate or unprofessional.

To maintain your dignity as a candidate and a professional, treat your relationship with your recruiter delicately.

After a week of waiting, pick up the phone and call your recruiter. Always state your first and last name, the reason for your call, and the position you were submitted to. Remember, you are not the only candidate the recruiter is working with.

During your phone call, ask for a timeline if feedback is not provided. Feel free to let them know you are opened to other opportunities that would fit your background. Keep the conversation concise and to the point; no need to talk about their new picture on the company website or their LinkedIn update from the day before. You do not want to look like a stalker.

If another week has passed and there is still no feedback, don’t react in anger by calling the recruiter and leaving disingenuous voicemails, or applying for every job opening under their name to grab their attention. The recruiter’s bread and butter is to place candidates in suitable positions, not to avoid potential placements.

Take a moment of your time and send the recruiter an email. In the subject line of the email, put your full name and the position you were submitted to. Again, keep the email professional and concise. Also, add in a couple bullet points to summarize your experience and why you would be a good fit for the opportunity you were submitted to.

To stay away from looking desperate after emailing: do not send an InMail on LinkedIn, do not find the recruiter on Facebook, and do not hashtag the recruiter in a tweet. Invading the recruiter’s personal space may discourage the recruiter from putting your resume forward for any additional opportunities.

As an active job seeker, do not fixate on only one position. Stay active on different job boards and be aware of upcoming large projects. Recruiters will also be helpful when it comes to building a stronger resume, how to network, and career path decisions.

Remaining a strong professional candidate to a recruiter will benefit your job-seeking journey.

Kara Keenan
Recruitment Consultant
The Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!

In demand: The “me” brand (Second in a 3-part series)

Most people have heard the term “you get what you pay for.” And most have learned this lesson the hard way.

In fact, probably many of you reading this can relate as you probably made the decision to go with an off-brand because of cost.

For example, I remember growing up when the Sony Walkman first came out. I wanted the Sony Walkman, not the knock of versions created by Sanyo, or Onkyo or even Panasonic.

Why? Because it was the Sony, who invented the first Walkman, designed to provide a true music stereo experience in mobile form.

Let’s face it, no matter what the other portable radio/tape player manufacturers claimed, Sony was a much better quality product.

But when I saw the price tag of the Walkman, did I listen to the voice in my head saying buy the Sony?  Nope, I bought the Sanyo and then after it broke a few months later, I bought the Sony Walkman which I still have to this day.

I did not repeat this mistake when the Apple iPod was introduced and I am so glad I learned my lesson. Nowadays, I always try to buy the best brand.

So goes it with your personal brand. I call it the “Me” Brand.

You want people to buy your brand and in a sense buy into you as being top of the line.  But before they can do that, you have to actually have a brand.

So what should your brand incorporate?  Well for starters, if you are floundering around in your career and not sure what you want to do, where you want to go, and where you plan to be in the next 5 – 10 years, then a personal brand may not be as high a priority as just determining who you are professionally.

But let’s make the assumption that you have those three things in mind and now you are ready to create the “me” brand.

Firstly, you will want to incorporate your elevator speech. Remember this tells someone in a minute or less what you do, who you do it for, and the benefits you provide with these skills.

Secondly, in order to create a successful “Me” Brand, you need to incorporate three things; how you conduct yourself in business, the passion you bring to your art, and what sets you apart from other people that do the “same thing” as you.

This portion is not just the words, but it’s your actions. These are things that you want others to say about you when they describe you and why they buy from you. It is this word of mouth that will actually help promote your brand.

I cannot tell you how to answer those three things as that is your responsibility, but make sure you work every day, in every conversation and in every action you do on a daily basis to make it true.

In my situation as a Technical Recruiter for an International Oil and Gas recruiting firm, I want my “me” Brand to relay this:  “An extremely impassioned, ethical and creative person who is highly skilled and willing to go above and beyond to help companies both large and small, locate and hire the talent they desperately need.”

I want to be the “go to” brand!  I want to be the Apple or the Sony of Technical Recruiting!  I want you to buy me and my brand.

Now I have to get to work to make that happen!

Humberto Ramirez
Senior Technical RecruiterThe Global Edge Consultants

The Global Edge Consultants is a full-service firm specializing in the recruitment of technical and project personnel for industries such as Government, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Engineering, Power, Nuclear and Manufacturing. Check out our careers page!




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