Texas oil production numbers increasing

Texas oil production numbers increasing

exas is well-known for oil production. If Texas was its own nation in oil production, it would be ranked number 11 behind Mexico.

Texas is currently producing 2.525 million barrels a day, and production has doubled in a little over a year.

In May 2013, Texas produced a record-high number of barrels from 832 rigs.—2.5 million—the most since April 1982.

Compared to 15% in 2012, Texas currently produces 30% of the United States’ oil output, up from 15% in 2012. This is thanks to fracking.

As drilling techniques improve, the numbers will increase at a rapid rate, keeping Texas on top of oil and gas production lists.

As of June 2013 the recorded production for crude oil barrels is at 316,355,858, already surpassing last year’s numbers.

Texas is currently named the energy capital of the world and the “home base” is here in Houston.

With increasing production numbers in Texas, Houston is the leader in energy–related jobs.

With many major oil companies and independents moving their headquarters to Houston, Texas will remain a leader with oil and gas production and energy-related jobs.

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