The Global Edge Partners with Pink Petro, a Global Community of Energy Leaders Promoting Inclusion

The Global Edge Partners with Pink Petro, a Global Community of Energy Leaders Promoting Inclusion

The Global Edge is proud to announce our corporate partnership with Pink Petro, a global community building inclusion across the energy industry.

Pink Petro is an organization that believes the future depends on education, inclusion, and community. They encourage education through experiences, not events because, “movement require more than moments.” Additionally, they promote inclusion over diversity because “while changing your numbers is great, changing your culture is better.” And lastly, they build community, not networks because “while networks build individual connections, communities promote the greater good.”

We at The Global Edge have always been a big advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Being a woman-owned business, we understand the benefits that promoting inclusion within and outside any organization can bring, and the positive outcomes that come with it.

Promoting an inclusive culture is vital to us as an organization and we continually seek ways to better not only our organization, but our community as well while promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

We encourage communication and support employee differences by facilitating an inclusive work culture. Being a global company, we have noticed first-hand how diverse workforces can create innovative workplaces which in turn creates a better organization and community.

We believe that being in a partnership with Pink Petro puts not only us, but everyone who we are associated with, at a higher standard. We want to be more than just leaders in the energy industry, but people that promote positive change, and we believe this partnership can be a catalyst to making that happen.

To read more about Pink Petro, and how you can you can join them on making a difference in the industry, please visit their website here.

We are thrilled to partner with an organization who represent the leaders in the energy industry and are committed to making a difference just as we are at The Global Edge.

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