Who’s accountable for hiring the right talent?

Who’s accountable for hiring the right talent?

Hiring the right talent involves several steps and coordination between key stakeholders.

One must seek individuals who not only have the prerequisite skills and experience, but also the right core values which are in line with the organization’s foundation principles.

Firstly, the job role, responsibilities and key deliverables must be clearly defined in order to match the right candidates within the job scope.

Secondly, once a decent shortlist has been established, a robust interviewing process should commence. This may include technical scope and possible tests / exams to establish core competency. Key questions should also be asked to establish core motivations of the individual, making sure they are also in line with the organization’s principles.

Thirdly, responsibility must be taken for the smooth transition into the new role. A mobilization and on-boarding process allowing for a comfortable entry into the new workplace should ensure this.

Following these key steps should ensure successful hires within the organization. It is the responsibility of line management in coordination with HR to achieve this, but responsibility should also lie with the recruiter that introduces the candidate. A good recruiter will align a candidate shortlist within the parameters of the roles requirements and cultural environment.

Harmony and coordination between these three parties should ensure success every time.

Scott McIlwraith
Operations Manager
The Global Edge Consultants

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